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Operation & Maintenance Services


Operation & Maintenance Services

Providing Premium Services In The Oil, Gas & Power Industries
These services are offered on Land, Swamp and offshore terrains. Oilserv always strives to perform its services to the highest Quality Standards that is obtainable in the Oil & Gas industry and in accordance with the tenets of ISO 9001:2008, ASME, AWS, BS, DIN Codes etc. Oilserv Limited has the capability to weld and lay Oil & Gas Pipeline / Flowline, ranging from Two ( 2 ) inch Diameter to Fifty-Six ( 56 ) inch Diameter.
We have been meeting our ultimate goal in delivering services and products to our clients on schedule without compromising Quality, Health, Safety and Security of our personnel and the communities that are within our areas of operation, as well as, the environment. Oilserv Limited provides the following services in the oil and gas industry...

Pipeline Leak Repair/Clamping

Oilserv Limited has proven its strength in the area of Pipeline and Flowline Leak repairs and clamping services on Land, Swamp and River Crossing areas. This same expertise is now being developed for the offshore market in partnership with our strategic partners.

Oilserv Limited utilizes its specialized equipment, tools and the cofferdam methodology to offer a rapid and effective response to Flowline and Pipeline Leaks. As a result of our ability to provide quick and effective intervention, we have helped to limit any associated environmental hazards on multiple projects.

We have also developed and tested methods to communicate and engage with impacted communities during these leak repairs and this has given us unequalled results in this area of operation in Nigeria.

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Cathodic Protection System

Oilserv Limited carries out the Construction and Installation of both Temporary and Impress Current Cathodic Protection Systems as an integral part of its scope of activities. Our Cathodic Protection (CP) technique is used to control the corrosion of pipe surfaces by transforming the anodic sites on metal surfaces to cathodic sites via an electrical current from an alternate source.

This is vital to the maintenance of Pipeline integrity as Corrosion is a leading cause of premature failure in metallic structures. Oilserv’s CP services can extend the service life of pipelines, facilities and equipment by installing Cathodic Protection Systems.

We design, construct, install and commission Cathodic Protection Systems on Oil & Gas Pipelines and Oil & Gas Flowlines, including Oil & Gas Facilities.

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As As part of our services, Oilserv Limited undertakes de-oiling and de-watering of oil and gas pipelines respectively. We use various pigging vehicles, chemicals/gels and special inhibitors in the course of cleaning and de-watering. Our state-of-the-art HT400 triplex pumps come in handy here and we also deploy high capacity Air compressors for the de-watering and drying of the Gas Pipeline prior to Nitrogen Purging of the Gas Pipeline.

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Offshore Topside Maintenance

Oilserv and its strategic partners have honed their services to the offshore market to ensure the ongoing maintenance of facilities topside. Our O&M services range from minor maintenance services to major upgrades, modifications and rehabilitation, and life extension of offshore facilities.

We deploy preventive and corrective maintenance services in a manner that minimizes operational downtime. Typical activities associated with Oilserv’s maintenance capabilities are listed, but not limited to:

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Subsea Services

Oilserv’s Subsea services are accessible during the entire life of the field. Oilserv’s Subsea Team (OST) alliances allow for deployment of Multi Service Vessels (MSVs) and Dive Support Vessels (DSVs) to facilitate Integrated Diving, Survey and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) and Subsea Construction Services.

OST also performs installation, inspection, maintenance and repair services on subsea facilities, platforms, oil rigs, pipelines, facilities, and developments with local indigenous teams of certified divers and ROV pilots.

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Brownfield Rehabilitation

Oilserv provides brownfield services for onshore and offshore facilities, delivers modification, upgrading, rehabilitation and maintenance services for our clients in a manner that minimizes operational downtime. Typical activities associated with Oilserv’s maintenance capabilities are listed, but not limited to:

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Offshore Support Services

Oilserv alliances allow for deployment of offshore support vessels to our clients. These include:

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ASME Codes | DIN Codes | British Standards

We ensure that we have at our disposal the following updated codes and standards: ASME Codes | DIN Codes | British Standards. Oilserv Limited is ISO 9001:2008 certified, compliant to the Nigerian Content Law, including OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and ISO 260000 (CSR)

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