Jobs & Careers At Oilserv Limited

we continuously encourage acquiring needed skill sets

Motivated people with the right skill tend to always bolster any company's ability to compete favourably as well as execute and meet set targets. They also help improve inter-staff relationships, as they often motivate each other to greater heights by their sheer professionalism and almost seamless execution of given tasks, like in a big family.

At Oilserv, we continuously encourage acquiring needed skill sets and embark on staff training and re-training exercises where certain skills are required, and to improve and sharpen already acquired ones.

New comers to the Oilserv family, are constantly welcomed whenever the vacancy exists.

Currently, the following positions are open at Oilserv:


Any vacancy required to be filled up will be advertised on this page.

Recruitment Fraud

This Recent incidents have occurred and are apparently still occurring; where mails and text messages are sent to individuals, announcing to them that they have been employed for one post or another at Oilserv, or requesting that they send their resume to fake addresses. Sometimes, money is solicited to process visa application, work permit etc.

Oilserv neither requests nor solicits for money for employment purposes. Applicants and job seekers who successfully satisfy our requirements for any employment opportunity normally go through specific (non-vague) recruitment process, and are duly notified either by mail (using authorized Oilserv mail addresses) or by phone (using legitimate Oilserv phone numbers).

It should be carefully noted that these fraudulent emails and text messages come through non Oilserv mail addresses (often from a certain : or or addresses, note that these fraudsters could very easily change their source addresses). Oilserv strongly recommends that you do not respond to or act on such mails; but rather report such incidence to the appropriate authorities in your locality; providing as backup, copies of the said fake mails, email addresses, phone numbers etc., as contained in the mail.

It is also very important that you recognize, that merely mentioning or accurately quoting legitimate Oilserv phone numbers or office addresses or email addresses, as part of contents of a fraudulent mail or document, do not command any authenticity, as such information are clearly in the public domain, and can easily be accessed by anyone.